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Organize and catalog software programs. Simple interface makes it easy to browse, sort, and print
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1 January 2008

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Organizations do have computers with them and need to install different softwares for their work. They also need to have a track of the software that they have installed on to their system. Now this can be performed with the help of Software Tracker 4.0 that would make it easy for an administrator to have the proper record of all the softwares that you have. It can help you to organize and catalog the softwares programs. It has the different fields that you can assign the softwares to and keep all the required information about the software from the supplier to the user, etc. You can even sort the browse and have the reports printed.

Software Tracker 4.0 has a simple interface that makes it convenient to be used. You can add any number of software programs in the related category. While adding up you also need to fill the required custom fields relating to the software such as Title, Category, Supplier, Location, Warranty, Install Date, User, etc. The softwares that you add to the list are shown on the left side in the related categories or you can view them together in ‘All’ option. You can also view the softwares with the alphabets given below. It is easy to recognize the softwares by having the graphics added to it. You can also ‘Find’ option to search for the required software details. The program also provides you with ‘Notes’ option for writing the additional information and you can also enter the system information about the softwares. The labels, business cards, notes cards, etc and also the reports can be printed with the help of the given options. You can also set up the custom fields according to your requirements. It can store all the details of the softwares easily for retrieving anytime.

Software Tracker 4.0 receives a score of helping you to manage the details regarding all the softwares that you have in your organization without consuming much of your time. It could really improve its appeal by having a reporting mechanism to alert people for updates, subscriptions etc.

Publisher's description

Software Tracker is an organizer program designed to help catalog and inventory your software programs. Software Tracker organizes and sorts multiple fields for each software entry including Title, Category, Supplier, Revision Level, Support, Serial Number, Condition, Email, Location, Installation Date, Media, Warranty, Buy Price, Buy Date, Value, and User. Each field name can be altered to meet your organizational needs. Software Tracker’s GUI not only makes it easy to enter information, but also makes it easy to browse, sort, and print reports on your software catalog. As you browse through your software catalog, a thumbnail graphic is shown on the main screen, making specific programs easier to locate. Longer text sections are provided to enter detailed system requirements as well as any additional notes such as installation procedures. Another nice feature is the 'Find' button, which enables you to quickly search for information as your database of software grows. Other Software Tracker features include custom reports, help, .csv file export, and label printing.
Software Tracker
Software Tracker
Version 4.0
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